Are you an active job seeker but cannot land to a desired job

Are you an active job seeker but cannot land to a desired job?? Let LinkedIn come to your rescue!!

Let’s dig in more in this article about how active job seekers can get the desired job from LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn is not only an app which connect individuals but also help you to make your own professional community which not only allows you to network but also a great platform to show your skills and share some useful content or information which can ultimately fetch great audience who may become your potential employers or influential connections who can land you to a great job or a great opportunity.

1. More about LinkedIn and why to use LinkedIn than the other job seeking platforms

LinkedIn has emerged as a prime job seeking platform over the years and we can say that it has emerged as one of the most trusted platforms to fetch desired jobs. LinkedIn is a platform which unlike those traditional platforms and job portals has more active and verified accounts to a larger extent. Being management consultants over the years, we have been into a lot of Talent Acquisition activities and these are my observations which are for those candidates who are actively seeking a desired job and wants to go an extra mile to fetch one! 

There are always a shifting trend towards job seeking attributes and they evolve in an agile methodology considering the influence towards IT shift!

Being a candidate, on the LinkedIn platform you actually get a privilege to actually connect and interact with your desired managers / employers / whom they want to work with than the other job searching platforms which is a one-way flow of job posting and talent hunt. Moreover, you have an option of demonstrating your professional profile and skills, achievements which you can update it without any hassle!

2. Using LinkedIn saves time than job portals

Unlike getting your details uploaded on the other job portals every now and then becomes hectic and real time consumer as well as monotonous! LinkedIn on the other hand saves a lot of time and efforts by aiding the changes in the profile which you like in a seamless manner. You can show your attribute by demonstrating the key features, recent accomplishments, your ongoing courses and their certificates (along with their validity).

You can show your key skills and features of your profile and boom! The talent acquisition specials as well as the employers or the hiring managers will be keen in getting the right talent through this platform.

3. Interact with professionals on LinkedIn and gain how the job market is by making connections with them

Unlike the other job portals and platforms where you need to login your details and then wait for a recruiter to get in touch with you , instead with the LinkedIn you can land at your desired job opportunity by  just making connections and asking them for the similar vacancy if they have and if they can consider your candidature! That’s quite easy, isn’t it?

This platform seamlessly allows you to make your own connections and network and allows you to share them mails directly to the desired company members who can assist you with the vacancy you are looking for, or else you can simply make connections with the company’s managers and demonstrate the skills which you possess.

4. Allows you to showcase your uniqueness by allowing you to demonstrate your unique skills

LinkedIn is indeed a great platform which enables you to show your skills as well as your uniqueness like demonstrating your knowledge through videos, sharing engaging posts which shows your confidence towards a particular subject as well as you can exhibit anything creative which enables your potential employers rather I must say drive them towards you and also help you gather great connections.  I always advise my candidates to demonstrate the skills which they have, posting various articles which contains pieces of desired knowledge or posting a video on this platform showcasing something new which you may have discovered and would like to share. By doing this, your connections will know your skills as well as your future manager may discover you and your potential talent what their company prefers and bingo you can be a right match for them!

5. Regularly updating the profile

Regularly updating your profile seems a great idea when you are an active job seeker where you can match the skill requirements of the Recruiters / Talent Acquisition specialists to easily find you from this platform and you can land on the desired job in a quick note!

6. You can keep a check on the changing job market dynamics and agility!

By being active on this platform, you can keep a check on the ongoing changing market dynamics and agility. The constant upgradation which your profile seems as well as which other skills you need to acquire presently can be gazed by keeping your active on this platform. Actively knowing about how the hiring patterns and staying updated with the resonating talent acquisition scopes can help you connect and communicate with the desired managers and help you land at great opportunity.

7. Keep upgrading!

Last but not the least, do not keep yourself dormant. Yes! Post all the tries if you are not fetching your desired job then intercept yourself and know where are you lagging behind. Talk to the Talent Acquisition Coordinators/ Managers post the interviews on what were your lagging points which you need to upgrade to. Enhancing your skills, taking up a course, gathering information from your peers or mentors will help you to gain insights about your lagging points which you can work upon. Simultaneously, if you get an opportunity as an Intern if you are fresher then go for it as well which will help you to get the real-world knowledge. 

LinkedIn also provides various skill development courses or training modules as per your profile. You can also try your hands on it!

I hope this article seems helpful to you.

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