A 360 Degree HR Solution Provider

‘Agile’ represents Dynamicity and ‘Sampada’ represents Resources. The dynamicity of ever changing HR Functions and its importance in business functions has impelled us to twitch this new venture providing exemplary HR Services.

HR though being the most important function for every business, it is always least prioritized. A new outlook towards the functions and processes provides a leveraged approach for the most efficient business set up.

Employee Engagement and customer experience are inextricably linked

– Colin Shaws


We deliver HR OUTSOURCING services through an integrated technology

We offer comprehensive HR Services such as Talent Acquisition , HR Coordination, HR Consultancy Services, HR Stategy Formulations, Training and Development, Legal Consultation, Guidance and Counselling as well as HR Analytics Services.

With our company as your HR consultant, you can focus on developing your products, services and other technologies instead of HR.

Our Esteemed Clients